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Episode 34: The 2021 season is here.

 Even Zuckerberg couldn't stop us from doing it again, it's our Supercars season preview of the Racingcast.

This time we review all of the Supercar off season shenanigans, discuss a team implosion, witness hell freezing over, have opinions on media movements, analyse the inter team battles, and run a slide rule over the purported Gen3 costings.

Outside of Supercars we discuss the GRM lead SMAC bill with TCR & S5000, talk about our new sponsor*, delete the libellous parts & produce a tribute to the fans.

This is Episode 34 of the Racingcast.

*sponsor may not be real

Episode 33: 2020 Happened.

When Dan Andrews released them into the world again, no one wanted this to happen.

It's the 33rd (& possibly last) edition of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels.

2020 is assessed under the microscope, before we read a Dick Story, we plug RaceFuels, get our crystal balls out, plug RaceFuels, kidnap a former Supercars driver, plug RaceFuels, talk to Roland, plug RaceFuels & assess all of the news as we head into 2021.


We won't wait this long again to spread this nonsense, this is the Racingcast.

Perrson2 Person “Bert advertisment”

Yes, our very own PR & Marketing Guru 'Pierre Perrson' finally lost it with Bert and commissioned this alternative ad.
We hope you like it ! 

Episode 32: Supercars new love affair with NSW

On this possibly insolvent Episode 32 of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, the Warbster & DSO are joined by the Podcast Vocalist to discuss all of Supercars scuttlebutt.

This crazy year has just gone on & on, and Sean Seamer has copped every little bit of the results of this f$&@ing virus TM.

The opening round of the SMP swing is dissected with all of the drama, controversy & hypocrisy given the usual treatment before the next round ventures all the way back to SMP.

Then we dive deeper into the inconvenient financial state of the biggest racing series in Australasia & how it happened, as well as forecasting the future. If there is one.

All this plus more music, innuendo and swearing than usual in this episode of the Racingcast.

Episode 31: Racing, what racing ?

On this briefly non-quarantined Episode 31 of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, the Warbster & DSO are joined by the Podcast Vocalist to discuss all of the on track action there wasn't in Australian racing. Somehow it's our longest episode.
Typical really.

This is partly because Mrs DSO joined us to talk about 'Inside Line - A Season With Erebus Motorsport'.
In getting a non-fans perspective on the eight part docu-series, we explore what good such content can do for the sport.
This was after we discussed the e-Series, which definitely happened.

The DSO picks his own Team Sydney & has a chat with his picks: the loosest unit in the paddock, Dan Holihan & the juiciest unit in the paddock, Jayden 'Juice' Ojeda.
As well as the state of the nation, both lads go in depth on their journey in racing so far, through karts, junior formulae & Uber driving.

Finally all three of the team answer the question we promised to go back to in Episode 29: the greatest Australian talent not to kick on and have a substantial career? And the answers may surprise you.

All of this & our usual shenanigans on Episode 31 of the Racingcast, a production of Racing Insiders.
Go to for more.

Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

On this even more special than usual edition of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, we are joined by Benalla Auto Club Group CEO, Chris Lewis-Williams.

CLW sat with us for a long form discussion on all things racing, his background in the sport & his current role helping to run one of the widest reaching organisations in the sport.

As well as running the BAC Group, Chris has a long background in racing himself gaining quite a lot of success & has an even longer history with some of the legends of the sport through his father.

If there is a man who has perspective on where the sport is going or can go, it's probably him.

Also he talks about the time the Safety Car fell off, the clip of which is here:

Racing Insiders FM, Episode 2.

The radio station that only plays the hits has a fever.

Luckily it's boogie fever, not that other one.

RIFM celebrates the Supercars E-series, journey to Bathurst & the return of the woman who is Swiss, with the music you can't miss.

All that & more, on the RI.

Episode 29 Part Two: What Racing There Was !

From self isolation, comes verbal masturbation, (apparently) yes it's the second half of episode 29.

On the agenda this time around:

  • The Dubbo Hillclimb
  • Darth Roland strikes again
  • A musical number
  • The SuperLoop (not Clipsal) 500
  • Barney Gumble
  • The bits of the Grand Prix that did happen
  • Dave swearing on live television 
  • The boredom of bleating ignorance

All this & loads of RaceFuels plugs in this second half of the RacingCast!

Know what I mean?

Episode 29: Part One, that f$&@ing virus and more !

Just in time for no racing comes a new episode of the Racingcast, brought to you by the championship fuel supplier, RaceFuels.

In the first part of Episode 29 we round up what little has happened & dissect the future, should it ever happen.   

Under the microscope:

  • that f$&@ing virus
  • that f$&@ing cancelled Grand Prix
  • the death of Holden & what it does to Supercars
  • the question of Gen 3
  • what happens when podcast hosts lose the ability to say a full sentence, and
  • what we think about E-racing 

All of this & loads of bleeped swearing on Part One of Episode 29 of the Racingcast.

Racing Insiders FM Episode 1

R.I. FM Adelaide:

We are back for season 2020 & R.I. FM want you to start the Supercars season right in Radelaide with new hits from the best & biggest music artists in the business.

The PC Vocalist, R-Unit & MC Sounden Gineer are coming at you with the freshest, dopest hits around.

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