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Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

On this even more special than usual edition of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, we are joined by Benalla Auto Club Group CEO, Chris Lewis-Williams.

CLW sat with us for a long form discussion on all things racing, his background in the sport & his current role helping to run one of the widest reaching organisations in the sport.

As well as running the BAC Group, Chris has a long background in racing himself gaining quite a lot of success & has an even longer history with some of the legends of the sport through his father.

If there is a man who has perspective on where the sport is going or can go, it's probably him.

Also he talks about the time the Safety Car fell off, the clip of which is here:

Racing Insiders FM, Episode 2.

The radio station that only plays the hits has a fever.

Luckily it's boogie fever, not that other one.

RIFM celebrates the Supercars E-series, journey to Bathurst & the return of the woman who is Swiss, with the music you can't miss.

All that & more, on the RI.

Episode 29 Part Two: What Racing There Was !

From self isolation, comes verbal masturbation, (apparently) yes it's the second half of episode 29.

On the agenda this time around:

  • The Dubbo Hillclimb
  • Darth Roland strikes again
  • A musical number
  • The SuperLoop (not Clipsal) 500
  • Barney Gumble
  • The bits of the Grand Prix that did happen
  • Dave swearing on live television 
  • The boredom of bleating ignorance

All this & loads of RaceFuels plugs in this second half of the RacingCast!

Know what I mean?

Episode 29: Part One, that f$&@ing virus and more !

Just in time for no racing comes a new episode of the Racingcast, brought to you by the championship fuel supplier, RaceFuels.

In the first part of Episode 29 we round up what little has happened & dissect the future, should it ever happen.   

Under the microscope:

  • that f$&@ing virus
  • that f$&@ing cancelled Grand Prix
  • the death of Holden & what it does to Supercars
  • the question of Gen 3
  • what happens when podcast hosts lose the ability to say a full sentence, and
  • what we think about E-racing 

All of this & loads of bleeped swearing on Part One of Episode 29 of the Racingcast.

Racing Insiders FM Episode 1

R.I. FM Adelaide:

We are back for season 2020 & R.I. FM want you to start the Supercars season right in Radelaide with new hits from the best & biggest music artists in the business.

The PC Vocalist, R-Unit & MC Sounden Gineer are coming at you with the freshest, dopest hits around.

Episode 28: Part Two, 2020/Dubbo Hillclimb.

Part Two: We're not waiting five months this time, it's Racingcast Episode 28 Part Two, brought to you by championship fuel supplier, RaceFuels.

In this second half of Episode 28 we look ahead to 2020.

The business at hand includes: - all of the moves before the upcoming Supercars & Super 2 season - parity testing, suspension safety checks & more things to argue about - some 2021 action as Supercars enters a new era.
More ins & outs for the 2020 TCR & Motorsport Australia Championship series - a preview of our favourite race of the season, the Dubbo Hillclimb - a special musical guest drops by.

All of this & loads of bleeped swearing on Part Two of Episode 28 of the Racingcast.

Episode 28: Part One, 2019 Look Back (Finally)

Part One: A New Year & (finally) a new episode of the Racingcast, brought to you by the championship fuel supplier, RaceFuels.

In this first half of Episode 28 we round up the year that was in 2019.

Under the microscope comes: - the controversy & conjecture of the Supercars final run - a question of valve lift, Deb-Riss & yellow lights - how to be sorry without doing any work.

The end of TCR's first season & the beginning of the S5000 story.

Spanner & Nugget return to talk about Utes & the problem with Scrotie.

The (un)usual online idiot issues with #SoMeWatch - social media policies with advice from the D*ckhead Standards Officer.

Plugging sponsors mercilessly with The Warbster

All of this & an ad from an actual sponsor (for once) on Part One of Episode 28 of the Racingcast.

2019 Livestream ad

We threatened it & no one stopped us.

The people behind the podcast are tired of slagging off at the commentary team, so have decided to replace them.

Join them on Bathurst Day, October 13 for their RI Super Commentary, only on

Episode 27: 13FOBS

Like Jamie near a Safety Car, the RI crew are blasting past the opposition with the third annual Bathurst preview.

The Warbster, DSO & a special guest, Toyota 86 series driver Kane Baxter-Smith, update the TCR scene, try to decipher the S5000 qualifying format, talk more f$&@ing parity, debate how bad QR really is , discuss Kane's career so far & life in the Toyota 86 paddock.

As always at this time of year though, Bathurst takes centre stage.

As everyone revs up for the biggest race of the year, we go car by car, driver by driver & tell you who we think will win the SuperCheap Bathurst 1000*.

Would you want to miss the latest Racingcast? Pierre says that he has no f$&@ing idea.

If this podcast had any more adjustments it would be the Supercars tech regs.


*unless we're wrong like usual

Episode 26: Money, Money, Money

Like oil coming out of a broken seal on a TCR Renault, the Racingcast is polluting your airwaves again.

The RI3 finally delve into the arse draggers of TCR, looking at the season so far & the future of a category that is at the vanguard of the ARG revolution. We also delve into the recent purchases, financials & likely future of the newest & possibly biggest player on the local scene.

Supercars latest comings & going also get the treatment, with a more in depth look at the impending sale of the series.

The race is on to sell & we will give you our take on where the pieces stand. Also more technical wrangling, cost explosions & analysis of the Northern swing is detailed.

New segment Q&A appears, answering your questions & providing us with an opportunity to drop in a lot of soundbites, as well as hot takes on what you want to know about.

Finally the lights out segment also debuts with us talking even more errant nonsense.

Would you want to miss the Racingcast? Pierre says he has no f$&@ing idea.