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Episode 27: 13FOBS

Like Jamie near a Safety Car, the RI crew are blasting past the opposition with the third annual Bathurst preview.

The Warbster, DSO & a special guest, Toyota 86 series driver Kane Baxter-Smith, update the TCR scene, try to decipher the S5000 qualifying format, talk more f$&@ing parity, debate how bad QR really is , discuss Kane's career so far & life in the Toyota 86 paddock.

As always at this time of year though, Bathurst takes centre stage.

As everyone revs up for the biggest race of the year, we go car by car, driver by driver & tell you who we think will win the SuperCheap Bathurst 1000*.

Would you want to miss the latest Racingcast? Pierre says that he has no f$&@ing idea.

If this podcast had any more adjustments it would be the Supercars tech regs.


*unless we're wrong like usual

Episode 26: Money, Money, Money

Like oil coming out of a broken seal on a TCR Renault, the Racingcast is polluting your airwaves again.

The RI3 finally delve into the arse draggers of TCR, looking at the season so far & the future of a category that is at the vanguard of the ARG revolution. We also delve into the recent purchases, financials & likely future of the newest & possibly biggest player on the local scene.

Supercars latest comings & going also get the treatment, with a more in depth look at the impending sale of the series.

The race is on to sell & we will give you our take on where the pieces stand. Also more technical wrangling, cost explosions & analysis of the Northern swing is detailed.

New segment Q&A appears, answering your questions & providing us with an opportunity to drop in a lot of soundbites, as well as hot takes on what you want to know about.

Finally the lights out segment also debuts with us talking even more errant nonsense.

Would you want to miss the Racingcast? Pierre says he has no f$&@ing idea.

Episode 25: Supercars news, and stuff.

After a long wait, Episode 25 of the Racingcast is launched into the world like a wheel falling off a 888 Commodore.

In this Supercars special the RI3 take a look back at the pre-Townsville action with more unpredictable commentary on the predictable finishes, changes of rules & dare I say it, the P word !

Then the beans are spilled on who most of the paddock knows is making a play for the keys to the whole Supercars circus & why we think they're the best dudes for the job.

Nothing is confirmed, but be prepared for the biggest upheaval in Supercars in a decade, with our knowledge.

Another dip into the silly season shenanigans follows where some of us were subsequent proved more right than others. One of the lads was spot on & the other two were...not so.

Finally more ranting ensues on #motorracingsworstpodcast. This is the all new Racingcast.

We hope you enjoy the funking good music provided by Lake Minnetonka.

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It's way better than our efforts at producing music. 

Episode 24: ADS Downfall

Yes, episode 24 of the Racingcast is go!

With the announcement of the liquidation of Aussie Driver Search, the Warbster & DSO are joined by two special guests on this episode, namely 2018 ADS Semi-Pro winner, Lee Partridge, & 2018 ADS Pro winner, Matt Powers.

We wanted to hear about their experiences in their own words & they certainly did that.

We go in depth on their actions, thoughts & feelings before the implosion & discuss the likely fallout after Friday's bombshell, as well their plans going forward & the impact the announcement has had on their personal & professional lives.

We hope this deep cut will give you another perspective on the events of Friday May 17.

This is a big change of pace content wise, as we have actual guests for once, & we hope you will enjoy the insight brought by both of them.

We also hope you enjoy the new music provided by Lake Minnetonka.

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Racingcast Episode 23

Get your fix before the Perth twilight extravaganza, the Racingcast is back.

In this extended episode the Warbster, DSO & Sound Engineer cast an eye over the beginning of the Australian season & call it as they see it with the latest parity war in Supercars with all of the latest from your least trustworthy source for racing news.

The real Warbster's return to motor racing & TCR Australia gets put under the microscope in the run up to their debut.

We also grill a special guest on why the wheel fell off before rounding out with National Racing Round Up.

See how many cheeky Uber references we managed to squeeze in !

This is the all new Racingcast.

Racingcast Episode 22, We’re Back for 2019

We threatened to do it & no one stopped us, sooooo...we're back.

The Racingcast is back on the air for the new year.

This episode include our views on the off season Supercar people moves, young people, old people, shagadelic American people, angry English people, out of contract people & bad New Zealand accents.

Also, Spanner & Nugget joins us to keep you up to date with upside down Utes.

Bursting into 2019 as opinionated & unapologetic as ever, this is the Racingcast.

Racingcast Episode 21 Pukekohe/Newcastle Season Finale

On the Supercars season finale episode of the Racingcast...

We complete our catch up of the major races on the calendar with the Pukekohe round.

All of the bad accents, bumper breaking & dickish parallel parking are forensically pulled apart by the least trustworthy team in motor sport news.


Silly season gets a look in, as the three wise men polished their crystal balls & looked into the future.

Some of which has happened since recording. At least it was accurate...

National racing round up & our exclusive Newcastle preview round out the only source you need for your run in to the end of the title fight.

Yes, it's all here & ready for download.

This is the all new Racingcast.

Racingcast Episode 20 Bathurst & Gold Coast's back.

The season of endurance waiting for a new Racingcast is over.

The Bathurst & Surfers Supercar rounds both come under the microscope, as we wave goodbye to 'the season of endurance' for another year.

There is also an in depth look at the Stadium Super Trucks debacle, where the DSO stays unusually quiet & the air is thick with the full story.

Added to our usual nonsense is a cornucopia of musical references from Dean Martin to Dragon, Salt-N-Pepa to Simon & Garfunkel.

And the Sound Engineer cracks a historical funny !

Yes, it's all here & ready for download. This is the all new Racingcast.

Fox Sports Podcast Ad

From the Episode 19 vault, we bring you the Fox Sports commercial.

Racingcast Episode 19 Bathurst Preview

Minions of the world unite! Bathurst is upon us & whether you're on the hill or just wishing you were, the Racingcast is here to hook you up with the best race preview going.

The second half of our post Sandown meltdown delves into new territory with international racing, featuring Formula One & The Warbster nerding out about Super GT, as well as our take on the Stadium Super Trucks controversy.

Of course, it's about time we checked in with (Not) Roland, so prepare for another round of insight & bleeping, before we dive into a car by car analysis with the lads telling you who the best, worst & ordinary are to face the gun on Sunday morning.

This is the all new Racingcast.