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Episode 26: Money, Money, Money

August 24, 2019

Like oil coming out of a broken seal on a TCR Renault, the Racingcast is polluting your airwaves again.

The RI3 finally delve into the arse draggers of TCR, looking at the season so far & the future of a category that is at the vanguard of the ARG revolution. We also delve into the recent purchases, financials & likely future of the newest & possibly biggest player on the local scene.

Supercars latest comings & going also get the treatment, with a more in depth look at the impending sale of the series.

The race is on to sell & we will give you our take on where the pieces stand. Also more technical wrangling, cost explosions & analysis of the Northern swing is detailed.

New segment Q&A appears, answering your questions & providing us with an opportunity to drop in a lot of soundbites, as well as hot takes on what you want to know about.

Finally the lights out segment also debuts with us talking even more errant nonsense.

Would you want to miss the Racingcast? Pierre says he has no f$&@ing idea.