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Episode 25: Supercars news, and stuff.

July 10, 2019

After a long wait, Episode 25 of the Racingcast is launched into the world like a wheel falling off a 888 Commodore.

In this Supercars special the RI3 take a look back at the pre-Townsville action with more unpredictable commentary on the predictable finishes, changes of rules & dare I say it, the P word !

Then the beans are spilled on who most of the paddock knows is making a play for the keys to the whole Supercars circus & why we think they're the best dudes for the job.

Nothing is confirmed, but be prepared for the biggest upheaval in Supercars in a decade, with our knowledge.

Another dip into the silly season shenanigans follows where some of us were subsequent proved more right than others. One of the lads was spot on & the other two were...not so.

Finally more ranting ensues on #motorracingsworstpodcast. This is the all new Racingcast.

We hope you enjoy the funking good music provided by Lake Minnetonka.

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It's way better than our efforts at producing music.