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Episode 32: Supercars new love affair with NSW

July 15, 2020

On this possibly insolvent Episode 32 of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, the Warbster & DSO are joined by the Podcast Vocalist to discuss all of Supercars scuttlebutt.

This crazy year has just gone on & on, and Sean Seamer has copped every little bit of the results of this f$&@ing virus TM.

The opening round of the SMP swing is dissected with all of the drama, controversy & hypocrisy given the usual treatment before the next round ventures all the way back to SMP.

Then we dive deeper into the inconvenient financial state of the biggest racing series in Australasia & how it happened, as well as forecasting the future. If there is one.

All this plus more music, innuendo and swearing than usual in this episode of the Racingcast.