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Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

May 13, 2020

Episode 30: CLW On Life, Racing & Everything

On this even more special than usual edition of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, we are joined by Benalla Auto Club Group CEO, Chris Lewis-Williams.

CLW sat with us for a long form discussion on all things racing, his background in the sport & his current role helping to run one of the widest reaching organisations in the sport.

As well as running the BAC Group, Chris has a long background in racing himself gaining quite a lot of success & has an even longer history with some of the legends of the sport through his father.

If there is a man who has perspective on where the sport is going or can go, it's probably him.

Also he talks about the time the Safety Car fell off, the clip of which is here: