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Episode 31: Racing, what racing ?

June 24, 2020

On this briefly non-quarantined Episode 31 of the Racingcast, brought to you by RaceFuels, the Warbster & DSO are joined by the Podcast Vocalist to discuss all of the on track action there wasn't in Australian racing. Somehow it's our longest episode.
Typical really.

This is partly because Mrs DSO joined us to talk about 'Inside Line - A Season With Erebus Motorsport'.
In getting a non-fans perspective on the eight part docu-series, we explore what good such content can do for the sport.
This was after we discussed the e-Series, which definitely happened.

The DSO picks his own Team Sydney & has a chat with his picks: the loosest unit in the paddock, Dan Holihan & the juiciest unit in the paddock, Jayden 'Juice' Ojeda.
As well as the state of the nation, both lads go in depth on their journey in racing so far, through karts, junior formulae & Uber driving.

Finally all three of the team answer the question we promised to go back to in Episode 29: the greatest Australian talent not to kick on and have a substantial career? And the answers may surprise you.

All of this & our usual shenanigans on Episode 31 of the Racingcast, a production of Racing Insiders.
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