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Episode 24: ADS Downfall

May 19, 2019

Yes, episode 24 of the Racingcast is go!

With the announcement of the liquidation of Aussie Driver Search, the Warbster & DSO are joined by two special guests on this episode, namely 2018 ADS Semi-Pro winner, Lee Partridge, & 2018 ADS Pro winner, Matt Powers.

We wanted to hear about their experiences in their own words & they certainly did that.

We go in depth on their actions, thoughts & feelings before the implosion & discuss the likely fallout after Friday's bombshell, as well their plans going forward & the impact the announcement has had on their personal & professional lives.

We hope this deep cut will give you another perspective on the events of Friday May 17.

This is a big change of pace content wise, as we have actual guests for once, & we hope you will enjoy the insight brought by both of them.

We also hope you enjoy the new music provided by Lake Minnetonka.

Thanks to them for providing the tunes & hit them up on